Kevin Aviance: Towering, Black, and Bald, the drag icon who conquered the '90s gay dance scene. Inspired by the likes of Grace Jones and Boy George, Kevin Aviance quickly became a fixture in New York's thriving gay scene. Affiliated with icons like Junior Vasquez, Aviance unleashed unforgettable tracks such as "Cunty" and "Rhythm Is My Bitch," earning him a well-deserved reputation. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kevin honed his attention-grabbing skills in the basement of his house, mastering music, dance, and theater. Influenced by iconic avant-garde styles of Grace Jones, Boy George, and David Bowie, Aviance's career soared after joining The House of Aviance in Washington, DC. He eventually took the nightlife capital, New York City, by storm, ruling clubs like Sound Factory, Arena, Twilo, and Roxy. Collaborating with renowned DJs and producers, Aviance delivered hits like "Alive" and "Give It Up," earning two #1 dance hits. Sharing stages with legends such as Whitney Houston, Cher, and Madonna, Kevin's star continued to rise. His influence extended to the big screen, appearing in notable films and shedding light on hate crimes after becoming a victim himself. Recognized as a living legend, Aviance received the prestigious Living Legend award and released his third studio album mixtape, "RAW." Kevin’s music continues to influence mainstream as Beyoncé spotlighted Aviance’s hit “Cunty” on her track PURE/HONEY which is a lead single on the award-winning Renaissance album. Honored with a knighthood by the Imperial Court, Kevin Aviance remains an indomitable force in the world of drag and music.